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america in 1980s

Even sports stars wanted a part of music. With the growing economy, many middle-class Americans rushed to invest in the bullish stock market and to flaunt their newly acquired wealth.

the 1980s

One of the main messages of 80s Hollywood was "you can change your life". It can be argued that negative stereotypes and images of Black Americans are most evident by the way they are portrayed in pop culture and consumer marketing. A few years later she sent me a letter, dated By the time the 80's rolled around, people needed something new and crazy.

Other artists, including John Baldessari and Christian Boltanski, appropriated banal vernacular photographs—from movie stills to family snapshots, respectively—and integrated them into larger arrangements that commented on the erasure of cultural memory.

research paper on the 1980s

This led to a live concert being held in order to allocate funds for people in Africa especially Ethiopians.

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