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While Nicholas was away at war, he deputized his wife to oversee affairs of the empire. Nicholas II. Portrait of the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna by Nikolay Bodarevskiy The capital city and the country at large were beset by worker uprisings and clashes with the police, and overall unrest increased. As a result, Japan felt increasingly threatened. His domestic life was serene. In , Nicholas traveled to London on behalf of his parents to be present at the wedding of his cousin the Duke of York to Princess Mary of Teck. When he tried to get home to Petrograd, the Duma the elected legislature , which had by then turned on him, prevented him from boarding the train. Gradually, Rasputin became the empress' closest confidante, able to exert influence upon her regarding affairs of state. Nicholas was 16 and Alix Becoming Tsar In , Nicholas' father died from kidney disease. By spring of , his fleet was decimated in the Battle of Tsushima. The US could not enter World War I until after his abdication, as it meant that the Allies were now all democracies fighting against the absolute monarchies of the Central Powers. Nicholas II was an uncompromising autocrat, and this stance helped provoke the Russian Revolution of Nicholas' relationship with the Duma, was, unsurprisingly, not of the warmest nature, and the unruly Duma was twice dissolved by the Tsar.

A religious mystic by the name of Rasputin had great influence over both Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra. This pleased the country's monarchists, but disappointed the liberal intelligentsia and the educated elite. Thus Nicholas and Alix became officially engaged on 20 April In Japan attacked Russia.

On 17 Julyas anti-Bolsheviks approached Yekaterinburg, Nicholas and his family were executed.

Alexandra feodorovna

Petersburg riots mutinied, Nicholas II had no other choice but to step down from the monarchy. Nicholas sympathized with the national aspirations of the Slavs and was anxious to win control of the Turkish straits but tempered his expansionist inclinations with a sincere desire to preserve peace among the Great Powers. Early life and reign Nikolay Aleksandrovich was the eldest son and heir apparent tsesarevich of the tsarevich Aleksandr Aleksandrovich emperor as Alexander III from and his consort Maria Fyodorovna Dagmar of Denmark. They had four daughters and a son, Alexis, who suffered from the disease haemophilia. Adding to their mistrust, the Empress relied heavily on the despised Rasputin to help her make policy decisions. However, his efforts provoked Japan who attacked Russia in Some were even told to fight without weapons. Lenin authorized the murder of the Romanovs, this has never been proven. Nicholas ordered the army to subdue the crowd.

Through a combination of bad weather, poor logistics, low morale and staggeringly inept leadership, the Russian armies soon began incurring defeat after defeat and suffering huge losses the Battle of Tannenberg alone cost them more thandead. As if Nicholas' political problems weren't enough, his son Alexei, who was born inturned out to have hemophilia, a disease which prevents blood from clotting properly.

tsar nicholas ii biography

When automobiles appeared in Russia, they captivated him, and the Russian court possessed one of the largest car collections in early 20th century Europe.

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Biography of Czar Nicholas II, Last Czar of Russia