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Even rich people are subject to this fear — the more money they get, the more terrified they are of losing it.

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Jump at chances to work in different parts of your organisation, even if it means deferring a promotion. Fear of not having money makes people work hard.

Mindset is a collection of habits.

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Neither is a clear home run as you would expect in a relatively efficient market like real estate. If you hate losing, play it safe. He commiserates with his best friend Mike, the only other non-visibly-wealthy kid in the school. Kiyosaki also writes that opportunities come and go in life, and the rich recognize them and grab them, but the poor ignore the opportunities because they are too busy seeking money and security. He cites the example of his wife purchasing a Mercedes Benz because it was the car she liked and worked hard to be able to purchase it. Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone. No one on the Forbes billionaire list got there purely with a salary. Rich dad then shares the necessary financial education with both of them and their first lesson is about escaping the Rat Race. The reason so many talented people are poor is because they focus on building a better hamburger and know little to nothing about business systems. Greed is bad. This is well rooted in psychology — losses are more painful than equivalent gains. Love Wikipedia?

Counterintuitively, busy people are often the most lazy. Twenty-five years later, a report stated that a large majority of those extremely wealthy people that met in Chicago either ended up in jail, dead or penniless.

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The author also recommends one to develop their financial IQ by gaining knowledge about investing, accounting, law, and understanding the market.

Their plan was foiled by Mike's father, who informed the boys of their illegal activity. Who are you making rich?

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Borrow money to get what you want.

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Book Summary: "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki