A trip to singapore essay

Our itinerary Day 0: Flew to Singapore, arrived about 6pm. Accommodation I love this bathroom Our deluxe room at the Hotel Fort Canning was excellent and we loved staying here. So if anyone does anything against the mighty, the next second cops will be there at his side to accompany him.

my holiday trip to singapore essay

But with an onerous dedication and sincerity we can head our way on with a deep sense of gratitude towards the country and for a better comfortable living. Food The first recommendation we got was Zamzam restaurant.

Read more about family travel in Singapore. Inside the theatre Shrek's House Since it rained and we had little time to spend outdoors, we spent time going on the rides till 7pm when USS is officially closed.

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I'm just always attracted to chandeliers, no idea why ; The hotel was cold cold cold. Size of the country owns the first in the list of excuses followed by the population.

Its all about paying fines.

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There are many hotels and amusement parks. Above all, their Government gives army training to all the male personality of the country.

A trip to singapore essay

Size of the country owns the first in the list of excuses followed by the population. Share this:. The Singapore Botanic Gardens. For a family of four where the kids need their own ticket, this is certainly something you will want to budget for. Nearly one in every six households hold over 1 million dollars in assets, making it the densest population of wealthy households in the world. On other trips I have not been so tired at night as we have had nap times during the day. However for this price, you would be lucky to find a room big enough for a family.

That was really scary to me and I did not dare go on the blue roller coaster when our heads would be turned upside down.

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My visit to Singapore