An analysis of proctor as a tragic hero in arthur millers play the crucible

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He sees himself as above the vows of a marriage; even after the affair, he thinks it is okay to speak privately with Abigail when he knows it strains the already broken trust between him and his wife. The first stage in the process of establishing the tragic hero for Miller was relaying the characteristics of John Proctor.

He has. To Proctor, confession is a sign of weakness and inferiority, which is one reason for his refusal to conform to the religion, as well as to the rituals of consensus later in the play.

Father of three boys. How and why does John Proctor change?

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Proctor the Sinner Despite his prideful ways, John Proctor describes himself as a "sinner. Any character cannot be described as tragic hero.

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But at this point in the tyranny of consensus, it is too late for him to turn it around by his testifimony. How and why does John Proctor change? Arthur Miller, the American dramatist and playwright, out of The University of Michigan, was able to transform one of the most notable accounts of mass hysteria and loss of rational thought, and mold it into an elaborate and complex drama. Because of his importance, we know more about him than almost anyone else in this tragedy. Married to a pious woman: Elizabeth Proctor. He is not opposed to conformation with the crooked rituals of consensus, he is only opposed to the physical confession, signed with his weighty name, hanging on the the door of the most important building in Salem. Pathos is the element of sympathy in the plot to evoke pity. One of his flaws is his temper. He is so rooted in the preservation of his name in Salem that after his downfall, he cannot experience true anagnorisis, but deceives himself by disguising his self-serving resistance as a shift in awareness and morality. John Proctor fits perfectly to the definition of a tragic hero. Miller feels the protagonist must emerge victorious in some way where the Greek tradition relies on an emphasis of pity. He must have a weakness or a tragic flaw and be involved in a struggle.

Essays about John Proctor might do well to explore the character arc that occurs throughout the play. In the end, that struggle will lead to his downfall.

john proctor tragic hero
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John Proctor as Tragic Hero of Arthur Miller's The