An analysis of the publicly traded annual report of the coca cola company and the useful information

Our quality management system also identifies and mitigates risks and drives improvement. We are committed to meeting their needs and to generating new growth through our portfolio of more than brands and more than 4, beverage products including more than 1, low- and no-calorie productsnew product offerings, innovative and sustainable packaging, and ingredient education efforts.

We also design business models in specific markets to ensure that we appropriately share the value created by our beverages with our bottling partners.

coca cola company annual report 2017

Additionally, there are situations in which consolidation is required even though the usual condition of consolidation ownership of a majority voting interest does not apply. Our Company generally has not experienced any difficulties in obtaining its requirements for non-nutritive sweeteners.

In line with our long-term bottling strategy, we may periodically consider options for reducing our ownership interest in a bottler. These operations consist primarily of Company-owned or -controlled bottling, sales and distribution operations, which are included in our Bottling Investments operating segment.

Promoting a long, successful track record is often appealing to shareholders and various audiences, for it connotes reliability and quality. Our sparkling beverage and other beverage formulae are among the important trade secrets of our Company.

Competition Our Company competes in the nonalcoholic beverages segment of the commercial beverages industry. This is often the most widely read portion of the entire annual report, so business owners and managers should make a special effort to make it both informative and engaging.

Our management has identified certain challenges and risks that demand the attention of the nonalcoholic beverage segment of the commercial beverage industry and our Company. Generally, these raw materials are readily available from numerous sources.

The heritage of our Company is to lead, and innovation is critical for leadership.

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