Analysis in leadership style gladiator movie

They must take a position and defend it when things go awry. Throughout the movie he shows his loyalty and his passion only enhances his ability to achieve his goals.

Do you make your employees or those that follow you feel insignificant? Every morning when you look in the mirror, what will you see? Commodus goes in to see his father and in tears explains that all he ever wanted was the approval and acceptance of his father.

leadership skills in the movie gladiator

Human need will always drive human behavior and when you become an expert at understanding these needs, your leadership skill will skyrocket.

Working "in the trenches" shows that you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, it helps you fully understand the issues your "soldiers" are facing, and inspires loyalty in your troops. Those are all emotions that you can feel physically in your body.

His amazing leadership and act of heroism defied a wicked emperor and changed the culture of a nation.

Maximus gladiator character analysis

Leaders that are followed due to their ability, charisma and leadership qualities will enjoy the loyalty of their employees and a team that will go the distance. He even stops to speak with one of the soldiers who has a head wound and taps him on the shoulder. The powerful leadership lesson is to be empathic and sensitive to those we lead. That level of commitment and discipline won the favor, respect, and admiration of Marcus Aurelius. Sometimes when people fail, it could be because we have failed to develop them as a leader. One of my favorite movies is Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. He rode in the finest of chariots, wore garments of beautiful purple linen.

My leadership style is participative leadership and it is to share decision making with each member of my group. Do you honor those that are following you?

Call it a purpose, an obsession, a calling: whatever the terminology, good leaders have a defining mission in their life. He became distorted in his thinking and his actions because he failed to see himself as significant. One of my favorite movies is Gladiator starring Russell Crowe.

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Down to Business: Seven leadership lessons from Maximus