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Mary remedies the situation by getting a bucket that the family uses as a toilet which is kept on the kitchen floor.

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They go to school and are all put into gifted reading groups. The children fight over who will get to sleep with the dogs the family has adopted.

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Jeannette's early experiences with fire foreshadow the combustive events to follow in her life. Deep thinking themes. Rex and Mary have a fight. She also immediately fills her purse with all the plastic packets of soy sauce and mustard and empties the bowl of dried noodles in there as well. Conflict x. Each child chose a star, except Jeanette who chose Venus. She had encouraged him to submit a poem that won a contest and was one of the only adults in Rex's life that had encouraged him. The Walls try their hand at making dresses, but the results yield nothing that can be worn in public. Setting changes frequently in Glass Castle 2. Rex drinks more and more, the roof in the bedroom collapses, mudslides wash away the outside steps. Jeanette's father Rex was somewhat of a genius.

Jeanette feels guilty about going to a private school while her parents are homeless and considers dropping out to help. Unfortunately, he spends most of his time out drinking.

She tells him in no uncertain terms that she will be leaving for New York City as soon as the school year is over. One evening she spots her mother through the window of a taxi.

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Thousands of people are late for work. One day Jeanette dares Brian to talk to one fo the women lounging on the porch.

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