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I just struggle every day to live in this business without cynicism, and I wanted to share that. They need to know what their character is really thinking and feeling when they are beating around the bush and allowing for the subtext of the scene to play out. But I think that, somehow, screenwriting became this golden cash cow that everyone wants a part of, and then, on top of that, the industry creates the feeling in people that there is some mystery to doing this work, and so in the end it can very easily prey on dreamers.

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Watch movies, read screenplays, let them be your guide. Who knows? A well-rounded, error-free screenplay will also lend to your credibility.

Half of all the movie writers argue in this fashion.

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But you'll know. Strong dialogue will tell the audience exactly who this character is within moments of them speaking their first lines on the screen. To get to Koppelman, one must take a rickety elevator with a cage door to the top floor, and climb one more flight of stairs, which open onto a decidedly modern space that could be anywhere in Los Angeles—a big oak conference-room table, framed movie posters, chunky scripts stacked at casual angles.

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10 Techniques to Write Your Screenplay Faster