Cliques high school and social structure

Others tend to be members of cliques that are like their family in terms of values and attitudes.

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They tend to have many friends and are sometimes with the popular clique. However, the "brains" crowd, located in the middle of the social hierarchy, seemed to differ from past decades.

A few of the most studied are substance use, aggression, and depressive symptoms. Hated by lots of kids and are teased but tease back Give none take none is a motto by the greasers meaning; don't take crap or create crap.

Different kinds of students are likely to thrive in settings with different blends of supervision, freedom and uncertainty.

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Girls do, however, tend to form cliques earlier 11 years old as compared with 13 or 14 among boyswhich may contribute to the greater popular salience of female cliques.

Brewer, M.

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Social Structure