College days the best time of

I had dates during sorority formals, traveled with my then-partner during spring break, and even took a class called "Sex, Love, and Romance" at my local Jewish life center. A whole new horizon opens in front of you, and the lessons that you will learn do not only come from books you read.

College days the best time of

You will never again have the opportunity to live, study, and work in another country under quite the same circumstances as you will during a study abroad program. Will it be scary and nerve-wracking?

is college the hardest time of your life

But soon the idea that you can eat anything and anytime becomes more and more tempting. Coffee dates can happen at any daytime hour, really.

What is the best time of your life

Wiz Khalifa said it best when he sang "I hate college but love all the parties, finishing kegs and crushing bottles of Bacardi Coffee dates can happen at any daytime hour, really. They might not be the absolute best years of your life — after all, life is pretty long — but you know what? Even your last name—your family, siblings, and your parents reputation in the community—can box you in. You can eat waffles for breakfast every day if you want to Two words: Study. Not yet. College provides a vast array of leadership opportunities that can lead to networking, something vital to all of our futures. Knowledge is power.

Some of my favorite memories from college involve impromptu gatherings around our kitchen table, random trips to nearby hour diners, and all sorts of other things you can only do when you live with your favorite people.

But high school and college… it ain't real. Not to mention that studying abroad is a viable option, and will be cheapest travel you will ever have access to.

not having a good time in college

So, as you can imagine, your schedule can get crazy with meetings, band practice, sport practice, play rehearsal, work hours, etc.!

PJs are acceptable attire 99 percent of the time This is only true in college, so cherish those pajama-clad moments while you can.

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No, College Is Not the Best Time of Your Life