Croatia business report

From last season, ACI mobile application that provides easy and quick access to information and booking links is also provided. Except for Bratislava, each of the five cities benchmarked in Slovakia ranks at the top in at least one area: Starting a Business is easier in Presov and Zilina, construction permitting is more efficient in Presov and getting electricity in Zilina.

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As a result, starting a business is easier in Split; dealing with construction permits and getting electricity in Varazdin; while Osijek stands out for its performance in the areas of registering property and enforcing contracts.

Marine categorization is in progress. A first edition, covering 22 cities in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, was released in This report shows how to make the life of businesses and entrepreneurs easier.

serbia business news

Prague ranks first in two areas getting electricity and enforcing contractswhile Brno ranks first in dealing with construction permits and Ostrava in registering property—demonstrating the potential for large cities to achieve regulatory efficiency and quality by capitalizing on economies of scale and investing in administrative modernisation.

And, regulatory reforms to improve the ease of doing business over the years have led to inconsistencies in how regulation is implemented at the local level.

croatia business report
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Doing Business : Training for Reform