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Describe a circumstance in your life in which you faced adversity, failure, or setback.

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So they did away with all of that, which is nice, but does not actually matter in any significant way for the crop of BSers thinking about their app strategies for and the Class of LORs from professors who did not supervise professional work, family members or personal acquaintances do not enhance your candidacy. As always, avoid vague statements here. With only words, succinct writing will be particularly important. When have you helped someone when it was not noticed or required? Can the responses to the short-answer questions go long? How did you arrive at these goals? If you end up with a shorter essay, in this case that could be fine!!! Tuck looks for candidates who portray four attributes: smart, nice, accomplished and aware. Share your long-term goals.

Shocking stuff, these GMAT trends. Tuck has a unique program and it is more than just being close-knit.

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You qualify for a waiver if you have recently lived for at least three years in an English-speaking country or if you received an undergraduate or graduate degree from an institution where instruction is in English.

Tuck has always cared about career goals as an important element of your application, and they changed the wording this year from what they had previously — and now this is a great career goals question!

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Authenticity and enthusiasm are the keys to your success with this essay. Why does that matter? If there were any lessons learned that you have applied in successful teamwork since then it will be useful to describe those lessons. Tuck has spent time focusing on a clear set of criteria for admissions, and has informed candidates that successful applicants will demonstrate that they are smart, nice, accomplished and aware. Let the narrative unfold naturally, making sure that the basics are all clearly presented. You do not want to use many words explaining the situation, but instead, you want to SHOW your actions. You may even want to do your Tuck application FIRST of all your schools; this will be a good way to learn the ropes on what it takes to write a strong pitch. Applicants are not required to submit official score reports until they are admitted and choose to enroll at Tuck, unless their scores will expire prior to August If you use the full space, the content must justify the length. Resume Submit a resume outlining your professional, academic, and other relevant experience. Share an example of how you helped someone else succeed. A CAR approach will work well here: Challenge both for you and the beneficiary Action Result Keep it specific and concrete or you will blend in with others writing in generalities.

How will that experience contribute to the learning environment at Tuck? And truly focus on those elements of your personality that are most relevant to the context here: the Dartmouth Tuck experience.

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Tell them what you plan to do immediately after graduating.

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