Deforestation and pollution of the amazon rainforest environmental sciences essay

Trees, and plants in general, affect the water cycle significantly: [59] their canopies intercept a proportion of precipitationwhich is then evaporated back to the atmosphere canopy interception ; their litter, stems and trunks slow down surface runoff ; their roots create macropores — large conduits — in the soil that increase infiltration of water; they contribute to terrestrial evaporation and reduce soil moisture via transpiration ; their litter and other organic residue change soil properties that affect the capacity of soil to store water.

Church and Mr. As a result, Haiti has endured more extreme soil erosion, flooding and landslide issues.

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Forests can be either sinks or sources depending upon environmental circumstances. Deforestation could be destroyed in multiple ways. Land cleared of forest by timber industry. This is a growing issue that has many effects on our environment, cultures, animals, etc. The axe has evolved into a chainsaw which accelerates the process of deforestation. It is widely known climate change is occurring because of multiple factors including greenhouse gases, human activity, and some scientists say solar irradiance. An estimate of species of rainforest plants and animals go extinct every day!

In the past 50 years deforestation has increased a significant amount, but people around the world have been removing the forests since the s. Poor farmers chop down a small area typically a few acres and burn the tree trunks-a process called Slash and Burn agriculture.

deforestation essay

At this rate, extinction of such forests is projected to occur by the mid 21st century. Deforestation in China's Loess Plateau many years ago has led to soil erosion; this erosion has led to valleys opening up.

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Others claim that rainforests are being destroyed at an ever-quickening pace. Why is it needed?

Deforestation effects

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses and has been extremely prevalent in the Amazon rainforest in recent years. However, thousand square miles of forest is destroyed yearly, equivalent to 36 football fields per minute. West Africa , Madagascar , Southeast Asia and many other regions have experienced lower revenue because of declining timber harvests. Per capita forest area decline was also greatest in the tropics and subtropics but is occurring in every climatic domain except in the temperate as populations increase. Send questions to: earthtalk emagazine. Trees can help, though. Rainforests are carbon sinks absorbing about half the carbon dioxide humans release into the atmosphere. This in turn changes erosion rates and the availability of water for either ecosystem functions or human services. Illegal logging causes billions of dollars of losses to national economies annually. Piracy also contributed to the over harvesting of forests, as in Spain. The Neolithic period saw extensive deforestation for farming land.

Send questions to: earthtalk emagazine. In solar energy, the sun rays generate energy by heating the solar panels which converts the sun rays into a form of energy.

Deforestation and pollution of the amazon rainforest environmental sciences essay

In these areas, the loss of grass due to the presence of trees and other shrubbery leads to more erosion than when trees are removed. This plague among the forests is causing harm not only to humans, with the drastic climate change, but this is also causing animals to become extinct.

To curb deforestation, several measures need to be undertaken.

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While oxygen O2 is the second most abundant gas in our atmosphere, it does not absorb thermal infrared radiation, as greenhouse gases do. This report states that although it is important to meet the needs of humans, the needs must be satisfied in a sustainably conscious manner. Free Trial Issue: www. Church and Mr. The deforestation is caused by three main factors: Commercial Logging, Non-commercial Farming Operations and Commercial Agricultural Development, there are also many minor factors, but the biggest of these is Cocaine production. When they are degraded, it can set off a devastating chain of events both locally and around the world. The elite's nobility and higher clergy protection of their own hunting privileges and game often protected significant woodland. The increase of soil in the runoff causes the Yellow River to flood and makes it yellow colored. If current deforestation levels proceed, the world's rainforests may completely vanish in as little as years, according to National Geographic.
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Deforestation and Its Extreme Effect on Global Warming