Description of the colt model 1911

There were few changes to the pistol. The fact is that in this century, if you expect to sign an institutional or military contract, the pistol will have a drop safety. These arsenal rebuilds consisted of anything from minor inspections to major overhauls of pistols returned from service use.

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It was developed in response to an Army requirement issued infor a lighter replacement for the M pistol, for issue to officers. The collett bushing is gone, replaced with a well fitted solid barrel bushing.

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No thanks. This pistol is much more like the s and s commercial guns than the original Series In any case, a series of field tests from to were held to decide between the Savage and Colt designs.

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It was used during Desert Storm in specialized U. The legendary Series 70 was reintroduced with certain changes. During field trials these ran into some problems, especially with stopping power. The overall impression is of a high quality handgun. Rearward motion is affected to an extent with the shock buff in place. Rated 4 out of 5 by Leo from Beautiful gun. One of the alterations was adding a detachable shoulder stock. If you played around with exotic bullet designs, a feed ramp polish was desirable as well.

Courtesy Allegheny Trade Co. In order to take the barrel out of the frame for field-stripping, two small pins had to be punched out—a much more complicated method and the second point of failure with pins occasionally fracturing.

colt 1911 government

The Milt Sparks holster and Colt seem to go together. Proofed in the most grueling test of any handgun prior to that point, the Colt fired over 6, rounds without a stoppage, thus proving its reliability. I own this specific pistol today. The collett bushing favored mass production more than hand fitting.

The Schwarz firing pin safety was short-lived and the primary variations finished with nickel, blue and parkerized variants.

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