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Advertisements in the press and electronic media instructing people groups about the issue of Child Marriage and so forth are additionally being taken up. It is the male who possesses more power in such matters. Girls, as soon as they attained puberty were required to be married off. They most commonly take place in third-world countries and can occur for any number of reasons. It ensures that they remain dependent on others all their lives, strips them of their agency, makes them vulnerable to abuse, and can trap them in a cycle of poverty. Get Essay Throughout the years, we have seen that child marriage targets more girls than boys. But in many cases, the practice of child marriage arises out of social norms, cultural beliefs, and poverty. Girls married as children are more likely to: Drop out of school, have a low-paid job and limited decision-making power at home. Violation of laws In various countries there are various laws which restrict child marriage and are against them for example Pakistan and India. This evil practice incubates a greater risk of contracting sexual diseases like HIV. Unfortunately, because of the cultural emphasis on virginity, child marriage is sometimes seen as a legitimate way to protect girls in unsafe environments. Through the Sabla program of this Ministry, girls in the age gathering of 11 to 18 years are conferred preparing with respect to legitimate privileges of women which additionally incorporates the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, The question that arises is that what can be done to stop this hidden crime? This shocking act takes place for a number of reasons.

Domestic violence There is a very close relation between child marriage and Domestic violence. For the males, taking up a responsibility as critical as that of wife as in to take of her finances and share your own finances also becomes taxing. Create awareness and give the child appropriate contact information to seek contacts when their cry of refusal is denied ears.

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Also, sex with minors is a criminal offence under Section of the Indian Penal Code. Though many countries have laws setting the minimum age of marriage somewhere between 16 and Besides the girl child, the male child is also not so much capable of taking full responsibility of her wife and also the expenses of running a family.

The sooner this institution of child marriage is abolished the better for the whole nation. Girls married as children are more likely to: Drop out of school, have a low-paid job and limited decision-making power at home.

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When we attend high school and our second or third year she got married before the age of the Most of the cases about domestic violence are of people who were married early ore were married forcefully. The appalling consequences of child marriages include pregnancy- related deaths, child mothers not able to provide proper infant care, subjected to domestic violence.

Child marriages have a history in India. Proper media sensitization is required for a major change to take place.

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Sometimes, the painful process of childbirth may also cause the death of the young mother. Girls may also married off to offset debts or settle conflicts, effectively acting as a substitute for money.

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