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Everyman Have mercy on me, God most mighty; And stand by me, you mother and maid, holy Mary. God wants to reprimand Everyman for his sinful life and sends Death to summon him.

Take example, all you that this do hear or see, How they that I loved best do forsake me, Except my Good Deeds that bideth truly. Discretion Nay, so nigh will I not come. What warning does he give? It made me laugh a few times and I liked the message that the drama sends that only your good deeds stay with you after you die.

Cause and effect is a tool of plot used in Everyman. If you're lucky, then God - even though he knows better - might not throw your sorry ass into Hell for the rest of eternity. Every man liveth so after his own pleasure, And yet of their life they be nothing sure.

Everyman What, Beauty? What follows is a pretty heavy handed instructional on how to be a good Catholic - this was a play sanctioned by the Church, after all, to entertain and inform all the illiterate peasants cowering in the pits that was the late 's England.

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Death 's Arrival and "Everyman 's" Seperation. Everyman fears Death, and he desires to know what one must do to earn salvation and enter heaven.

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Everyman: Jesus and Good Deeds Essay