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The most important part of this essay will be providing successful outcomes for your work.

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If you ever shadowed a professional or taken on an internship to learn more about a career path that interests you, you can use this as an example of really taking ownership of your learning experience. High up on the Himalayan mountainside, the monastery had a sweeping view of the fog-covered village below. Currently, what is a problem plaguing our society that you would work to resolve if you had all the power necessary to do so? So each prompt shows your abilities and motivation from different sides. Ultimately, the prompt aims to gauge your personal values and determine your ability to think critically, to focus on worthwhile problems, and to propose realistic solutions. Conversation: how did the conversation go? Instead, think of an experience that was intellectually stimulating and challenging and that helped you learn something new about yourself and the world around you. You may have found a local real estate firm by drawing on your network of human capital, and convinced the attorney to allow you to shadow him after school every day. If you have ever taken online courses or taught yourself a set new skills not offered at your school, this is a chance for you to highlight your motivation and perseverance. I am a person who is spirited yet versatile in my effort to learn more about the world.

Create an outline based on these rankings. Be sure to also emphasize that you learn better in a small, seminar-style environment provided by the Honors Program that you would not otherwise experience in larger, first-year courses.

What challenges have you faced? This means that you should not use this prompt as an opportunity to discuss how you overloaded on AP classes your junior year, especially if your AP scores reflect the negative impact of that decision.

Your critique should offer an interesting take on whichever book you select and not regurgitate the criticisms you find on SparkNotes. Instead, it portrays only two sides of our personality, which does not tell the reviewer much about what kind of things get you excited about learning or the overall student community you are involved in.

I look forward to the courses GW offers, which are headed by impassioned professors who look forward to know their students.

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Offer constructive criticism. Stephen Kaplan's course on Political Economy is a great example, where Kaplan's enthusiasm and engagement with the content will greatly enhance my learning experience beyond economics. Highlight any outcomes from your clinical experience. Ultimately, the prompt aims to gauge your personal values and determine your ability to think critically, to focus on worthwhile problems, and to propose realistic solutions. Want help on your GWU application or essays? Prompts for the Honors Program. I remember the day perfectly. Edgar Hoover, are GWU alumni. When life Manage your essays in one place Find every essay for the schools you're applying to and manage the writing process with expert tips along the way. For example, if you have been studying a foreign language intensively for three years, took the AP exam, and realized that your school does not offer a higher level of the language for you to take senior year, write about your efforts to persuade your school to allow to take a for-credit college-level course at a local college. This way, you can show the adcom that you are intellectually curious and motivated to learn new things about the subjects that inspire you. Regardless of which route you decide on, the objective of your response is to suggest a solution to the problem you deem most critical. The main idea has to be traced through all your text. Instead, think of intellectual growth and education more broadly: for example, you may define them as taking steps to holistically improve yourself and your understanding of the world around by taking initiative in how and when you learn.

Given the deliberate ambiguity of the question, you can choose either interpretation as your springboard. George Washington University A few Thanksgivings ago, my mom decided to buy a whole pig and roast it herself. Need help with your college applications? It is essential to have years of service, either clinical or nonclinical, with diverse populations and to have a demonstrated record of long-term leadership experience.

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