How to write a division problem with a remainder

Oh, actually, I did that right. Follow along with this example: The red circled number at the bottom our remainder. So we're going to do a little bit of long division is the way we set it up. So the first thing we want to do and think about is, well, does 8 go into 3?

You do not have to circle the remainder; we just circled ours so that you know which number it is.

long division tutorial

However, sometimes our division problems will not come out evenly, and we will have another number not 0 when we do the last subtraction problem.

So 8 goes into 37 four times. And let's think about how many times does 8 go into However, you do still write the fraction as part of the quotient answer to your division problem. And now we're literally saying, how many times does 8 go into 11?

long division problems

So we'll keep moving. And so now, we subtract again. So let's bring down the 7.

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Division and Remainders