Implementing a system to wiretap the internet is illogical

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This unit is a bit like that. Do you agree with the the ranking given in my sample answer?

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I would argue that cultural traditions are a commons. Commons or not? It means that the internet is an accessible source of ideas, information, software and hardware that anybody can use to create and innovate. Might any of the examples in the preceding paragraph not be a commons? Lessig — the future will be control. In broadband cable networks the code layer is controlled so network owners can discriminate. After the release of the official federal total, four providers called bullshit. The Napster file-sharing system posed a challenge to record companies accustomed to making music available only via plastic discs. However, they tend to find that Section 3 , scheduled for study over two weeks, begins to break down Lessig's ideas into more manageable chunks.

The main thing to take from this discussion, then, is that freely accessible resources can be valuable. Well done on getting to this point!

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The City, in the guise of Mayor Giuliani, was able to step in and sell the sites, though, and could have done so at any time. Do you agree with the the ranking given in my sample answer? The physical layer was controlled, the code layer free as in free speech , and the content layer a mix of free and controlled. The original design of the internet is an example. We are still working our way through these challenges to the established order — and the old order's response to them. The first two of these ideas are introduced in Chapter 2. Different people interpret what they see or hear differently.

And while there is near-universal agreement that the former is a thoroughly good thing, opinions diverge sharply on the desirability of the latter. Economists are also concerned with who is going to produce useful resources like apples or oil or poetry books.

But more of that later. What about derelict waste ground in an inner city? It may seem difficult if you are not. The local ecosystem may or may not be a commons.

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It is important to remember this, since observation and perception are the basis of understanding. Rainwater might still be a commons. Do you agree with the the ranking given in my sample answer? It is important to remember, though, that he also brings a particular perspective to this important subject area. But their value to the local communities transcended their economic worth. Hence it is worth critically analysing the ideas put forward. At its simplest, if it is on private land it is not a commons; if it is on common land it is a commons. It is a label given to a range of legal constructs, including: copyrights. We're not concerned too much with the philosophy; the main points you need to note are: copyright law is full of rules that ordinary people would think of as silly, e. A poem cannot be worn out or used up, even if someone reads consumes it a thousand times. It is also quite dense with philosophies about markets and property. View document There is some network theory in Chapter 3.

If someone eats an apple, the apple is not available for someone else to eat. Might any of the examples in the preceding paragraph not be a commons?

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