Light weight jets

The first hour of a trip uses US gallons of jet fuel, but cruising higher up should use about gallons an hour. It also participated in large scale trials of aircraft and missile effectiveness.

However, following the late s recession the air taxi market underperformed expectations, and both Eclipse Aviation and air taxi firm DayJet collapsed. Delivery began in earlybut only about 90 were built before the fall of France.

cirrus vision jet

However, as budgets have limits for all nations, the optimum selection of fighter aircraft weight, complexity, and cost is an important strategic issue even for wealthy nations. If those audio warnings are not acted upon, the sidestick will be nudged in a safe direction — rather like the lane-assist function in Audi cars.

Examples include all weather capability, precise electronic navigation, electronic counter-measures, data-linking for improved information awareness, and automation to lighten pilot workload and keep the pilot focused on tasks essential to combat.

eclipse jet

One early light fighter project was the French Air Force 's 'Jockey' interceptor program of Miami would take about 20 minutes more. Its high acceleration, light wing loading, and extreme maneuverability enabled it to be an excellent dogfighter.

The German Messerschmitt Bf entered service in and became the most-produced fighter in history, with nearly 34, built. Several hundred aircraft are planned to enter service with both the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

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A Luftwaffe Fiat G. A development of the Yakovlev Yak-7it entered combat in late and was the Soviet Union's most-produced fighter with 16, built. As of the F-5 remains in service with many nations.

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List of very light jets