Mongolian history the good the bad

what did the mongols do wrong

New diplomatic channels between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East were opened. Citizens could legally become followers of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, or anything else — as long as their practice didn't interfere with the political ambitions of the Khan.

The Beginnings of Modern Fighting Tactics One final contribution that the Mongols made to Europe is difficult to categorize as good or bad. Neither of these initiatives was successful, but the opening of political channels made a substantive difference. Sources Bentley, Jerry H.

One approach to determine their authenticity is to try to quantify exactly what the population of Central Asia was at the time. The answer was a quantum leap in military technology, which brought mounted archery to its acme.

Since one version of Genghis Khan is that of a cruel despot who raised mountains of human skulls, we should first ask: how many died as a result of his wars and conquests?

cruelty of the mongols

Although Russia has since been invaded several times by the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte and the German Nazis, it has never again been conquered. Its rulers actively worked to ensure the safety of the trade routes, building effective post stations and rest stops, introducing the use of paper money and eliminating artificial trade barriers.

As a result, China employed doctors from India and the Middle East, all of which was communicated to European centers.

how did the mongols spread culture

One is that, although the Mongols were phenomenal warriors and outstanding conquerors, their system was always inherently unstable, since they neither traded nor produced, lived by extracting a surplus from the conquered and so depended entirely on the toil of the vanquished.

This would mean the Mongols were pulling off operations on the scale of the siege of Leningrad and the battle of Stalingrad regularly over the course of their conquests.

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Bad History: Mongols good, US bad?