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The stepmother in Hansel and Gretel I could have picked any number of evil stepmums from the many fairy tales in which they feature. She instinctively knows when I need a friend or swift kick in the butt. She is my aunt, Diane.

In high school, it would be shopping days at the local mall in Upstate New York, hanging out at the pool on hot days in her neighborhood and helping me get ready for prom she definitely once helped me fix a bad makeup job that I had gotten done at the local mall for prom! Betty was one of my mom's best friends from growing up and was in my parent's wedding.

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And yet, as a dragon, she is also a monster — albeit a benign one. Mrs Large's children follow her everywhere and it's the detail in this story — from the sibling rivalry between the older children to the visual depictions of Mrs Large's weary face — that make it stand out.

She dismisses Alfie's love of cartoon drawing, comparing him constantly — and negatively - to his wayward older brother, Bubba.

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She loves me and supports me but most of all, she sees me. She has celebrated all of my milestones and cried in my heartbreak and is now one of the most sweetly treasured people in my life. Ahead of Mother's Day, we spoke to seven women who have lost a mother on how they choose to celebrate the holiday, however unconventionally, with the mother figures in their lives. My grandmother is loving, giving and would do anything for my brother and I. Betty was one of my mom's best friends from growing up and was in my parent's wedding. It was very painful and scary because my father was no longer with us. Mrs Weasley in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling Harry himself is, famously, an orphan and it might be fairer to argue that the people who "parent" Harry the most through the series are Dumbledore and Hagrid. My grandmother truly filled the shoes of my mother and I know my mom would be so proud of her. The Monster Crisp-Guzzler plays with the idea that your mum might have a life apart from her identity as a mother, but will ultimately always be there for you. Unsurprisingly Alfie withdraws to his attic room but then this oasis comes under threat too. They get a mixed press in children's books. Not only is she protective towards her granddaughter without being warm and loving, but she is also extremely powerful within the wider world, outside school and family. Kept apart from other children and supposedly gifted with second sight, Perdita is desperately lonely until the chance to make new friends changes her life forever. Photograph: Murray Close Ah, mothers and mother figures. Although no one can replace my mom, my grandma is so very special to me.

She is never central to the story, but she is the moral compass for her daughters and provides them with a stable home from which they can venture and grow. My grandmother was like my second mother. These characters are always fixated on the children as a threat to their relationship with the father and intent on murdering them or, at least, getting them out of the way.

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We had an immediate bond and she said she could tell that I was a leader and that I could do anything, if I put my mind to it. She undermines her son by refusing to accept him as he is. Without her the girls would be lost.

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Thanks to all the mother figures in our lives