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Language Arts: Content and Teaching Strategies. However not all countries are possible to exist in the capital E capital U because they don't have a economy strong and a democratic.

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Be sure to cite specific evidence from the information provided to support your response. It must also accept a set of shared laws. To see if Asia could be reached by sailing West. Note that approximately 15 percent of MTEL multiple-choice test items are not scored, but are included to collect data on their possible use as scored items on future tests. Use the information below to complete the exercise that follows. Available commercially or in the Lesley Sherrill Library. How did WW1 contribute to rise of fascism?

Your responses must be communicated clearly enough to permit valid judgment of the evaluation criteria by scorers. Did you know? New Jersey: Merrill Prentice Hall, Performance Characteristics The extent to which the response achieves the purpose of the assignment.

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Gas - no particular shape, can expand indefinitely because molecules are further apart and moving more rapidly than liquid e. Remember to review your work and make any changes you think will improve your responses.

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