Mural painting business plan

While there are qualified artists in each city, I have a distinctive style and welcome the opportunity to lend my particular vision to a project, regardless of location. You could also add painting services, such as faux finishes, to boost your business.

painting murals on buildings

Choosing the right name is very important. Very few artists' mural companies have the resources or interest to advertise, and if they have, the design and layout has been unimpressive, in my opinion.

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Compel your buyers to an extent with your work that they cannot stop themselves from praising your work. Visit a well-stocked local paint store, and explain your mural project to a staffer familiar with large exterior painting projects.

How to market mural business

Get Business Insurance Insurance is highly recommended for all business owners. From to , Morton worked as an art consultant for Pittsburgh Citiparks, and as an instructor at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. The public realm awaits! Maintenance agreement, i. Once you get an assignment and the upfront half of the fee, you can buy additional equipment necessary for that specific job. E-mail them the pricing sheet above. Find an office easily accessed from main roads, and preferably near commercial businesses that represent potential clients. Compile a mural business marketing package. Work with a sign maker to create tasteful building signage that identifies your business. Taking on a large project like a mural can bring in some big bucks, and you might even have a great time doing it. Define your brand. Deanna Mance, City Composition, , commissioned by Envision Downtown and the City of Pittsburgh Photograph by Kahmeela Friedson Getting up High: Scaffolding and Lift Equipment In order to properly access and paint on an exterior or interior surface that is more than 10 or 15 feet tall, using scaffolding or a hydraulic lift of some type are really the only ways to go. Once you're ready to start your mural painting business, follow these steps to ensure that your business is legally compliant and avoid wasting time and money as your business grows: STEP 1: Plan your Business A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur.

Additional images can be uploaded to an online portfolio on your website and to. The upstairs office is utilized for computer access, mailing preparation, phone sales, and follow-up contact.

Mural painting business plan

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. I began Smith Ray Design mid-year of specializing in murals, faux finishing, and fine arts for residential and commercial spaces. Mural artists generally charge in one of two ways for their work: by an hourly rate or by the square foot of painted space. You could also add painting services, such as faux finishes, to boost your business. Use their skills to sell your product and have mutual benefits. Next to your skill with a paintbrush, your imagination is your best tool for selling your service. My early experience working in theater set painting led me to desire a more long-term venue for my large paintings—personal and custom murals in people's homes and businesses—right on their walls! From to , Morton helped create and administrate the Sprout Public Art Program, a nonprofit organization that utilized local artists to paint community murals throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.
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How To Start Your Own Painting Business With Little Or No Experience