Naturalism in education

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Though a bachelor, Spencer held that the most important function that most men and women have to perform is that of being parents. Naturalism aims at making education free from the bondage of rigid discipline under which children were tortured.

According to them, there is no absolute good or evil in the world.

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It is the make up of the learner that determines the character of the learning process, not the designs of teachers of the learner or there simply will be no learning.

As we should teaches in accordance with the rhythms of Nature, so we should also punish as Nature punishes. Survival of the Individual: Naturalism believes that the fittest alone should survive.

Naturalism in education

The naturalists, therefore, have given a prominent place to the play-way method. The whole universe is governed by laws of nature and they are changeable. The interests and aptitudes of children should determine the educational programmes. Child-Centredness: Naturalism gives central position to the child. Naturalism leaves the child purely to the discipline of natural consequences which, often, involves grave risks. His dramatic portrayal of the estrangement of natural man from society jolted and influenced such contemporary thinkers as Immanuel Kant and continues to intrigue philosophers and social scientists. He takes secondary position in the educative process. Please spread the word :. This is no doubt a very risky experiment inasmuch as sometimes absolute freedom degenerates into licence. McDougall , the famous exponent of the Naturalistic school of psychology, does not accept the theory of pleasure. Individual man, he contended, is not a man unless he is free; if he is in bondage, he is less than a man. At the later stage the naturalists included in the curriculum subjects as physical sciences, language, mathematics, social studies, anatomy and other subjects Seetharamu, If he breaks a window, let him sit in the cold.

It focuses on the learning from experience of the children, so that the child is educated to solve all the problems of the life successfully. He is corrupted by the society. Enjoyment of leisure. Dover Area School District trial was cited by the Judge in his Memorandum Opinion concluding that "Methodological naturalism is a 'ground rule' of science today": [31] Expert testimony reveals that since the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries, science has been limited to the search for natural causes to explain natural phenomena At this stage the child can be taught through normal conversation Chandra and Sharma, Contribution of Naturalism: Naturalism has tremendously influenced the modern educational theories and practices.

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This pupil activity usually took the form of recitation or written and oral examinations.

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Naturalism (philosophy)