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Include all the necessary steps involved and whose help you might need. Share what your art means to you and what is special about your creative process. However, if someone helps with billing, accounting, connecting with clients or hanging exhibits, include them as members of your team. Starbucks did a great job of distilling the principles into an effective mission statement and so can you too! Good Luck! Who your business is for? What is your niche? What image do you want your customers to see when they think about your business? Also, ask them what they feel and see when they view your art.

Where would you like to be in five years? Mission Statement Activity Draft a vision and mission statement and enter it in the business plan template provided in the first session.

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Have a dedicated project manager for each project who can handle quality control issues. Barnum Painters will institute the following key procedures: Creation of a position of inventory coordinator and have at least one expediter assigned to each project.

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Then, instead of hoarding this template that made so much sense to me, I wanted made it available to other artists that felt the same way. Will you sell your products online? How does your customer service differ from your competition?

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Be specific. Did you finish up that business plan template? Why would your art enhance their decor? What gender and age are your customers? Emphasize your special talent as an artist, such as having exhibited in galleries or having studied under a well-known artist. It is a good idea to review your mission statement periodically to make sure that it reflects the direction you want to go. So, consider your artist statement a welcoming guide to your work. For many companies this mission is distilled down into a statement or series of statements that describes their mission.

What makes you unique? As an artist, your artist statement is a reflection of you, it is your unique story.

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The Visual Business Plan Template for Artists