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But he maintained that he never neglected his pulpit for the lecture hall or platform The lazy idea of waiting till Saturday night or Sunday morning or worst still flipping through the Bible on the pulpit in order to find something to say to the people as a sermon is not right and does not represent a preacher as serious with his calling.

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However, he used that to his the advantage of his ministry. Wisdom demands that a preacher learns to stay with his or her church and build it with sound exposition of the Word instead of jumping around and preaching everywhere else apart from their church. Gary Braddy. All these made his preaching great. Yet, Lee Eklov quoted one of his contemporaries, F. This made him fear that God had already decided his eternal fate and that there was nothing he could do in spite of the weight of his sins. Maclaren did not believe in preparing full sermon manuscripts. Edited by C. Progress and increase in holiness are to be represented under the notion of abiding in Christ and growing up into Him who is the Head, even Christ. Stephen Olford and some other authors in homiletic often make a division of these factors into the Man, the Method and the Message or something related. There are no easy ways or gimmicks that will eliminate that work

This does not mean however, that he did not oblige few necessary invitations. He prefered to write an introduction, then jot words interspersed here and there. So all duty must be persuaded to and preached up with due regard unto Christ; to His authority commanding and to His Spirit of grace assisting, as well as to the merit of His blood commending — and this to dash the vain presumption that decoys so many into ruin, who will securely hang the weight of their hopes upon the horns of the altar without paying expected homage to the scepter of Christ.

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African preachers must be diligent to prepare and deliver their sermons with all gravity and sense of responsibility. He refused to accept any but the best language to clothe his idea and that explains why he was skilled in the use of the choicest English.

People of all classes and creeds sat side by side under the uniting influence of the gospel.

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His person and work are rich in fulness. Wisconsin: Northwestern Publishing House,

Old, Hughes Oliphant. To write of me and not to name her is to present a fragment. Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, But growing in this environment did not stop Alexander from growing up with the tendency of being shy, and not at ease outside the home. Maclaren is said with truth to have changed the whole style of the British pulpit, and to have influenced it more than any of his predecessors. So long as we keep Him in view, we shall never greatly err in our search for spiritual knowledge. Though McGraw was of the opinion that people in Portland Chapel did not seem to feel the need for visitation and this allowed him to spend much of his time in sermon preparation, that does not seem to be all the sides to it. Of all human formative influence on my character and life, hers is the strongest and the best. Thus, in imitation of the apostolic way of preaching, there must be a beautiful texture of references to Christ, a golden thread twisted into every discourse to leaven and perfume it so as to make it express a savor of the knowledge of Christ. He would hardly grant an interview. Our laziness does not 31 help the Holy Spirit; it hinders him. The key of Bible knowledge is Jesus Christ. History remains a great judge of the past and an inspiration for the future of those who considers its lessons well and acts with a sense of writing another history. This is the same pattern he and David his son followed in writing one of their major works on expositopry preaching that has become cherished tool among Chrstian preachers around the world, Olford, Stephen F.
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