Polar bears endangered essay

Many people feel as if animal testing is very important to science, it helps us figure out different things about the body and also helps us in psychology, helping us discover how the brain works.

Then the bear bites it on the neck and drags it onto the ice. The polar bear was the first mammal to be listed as Threatened due primarily to global warming.

saving polar bears

And yet they are uniquely vulnerable in their almost total reliance on one prey species. I do know that the only solution for the long-term survival of the polar bear is to address climate change.

Why are polar bears endangered

WWF collaborates with scientists, conservationists and local people to oppose oil and gas development in areas whose ecological value is far too great for risking exposure to spills. The animals need to be saved because they are so rare and valuable to the nation. Without food they will starve. In other parts of the world, there has been less precipitation. She lost 22 percent of her body weight and, worse, lost the nursing cub that had started the journey with her. The rise in global surface air temperature causes frequent droughts in dry areas and accelerated ocean warming and hence the rapid increase in sea levels and melting of the polar ice caps. Turn off electric devices when you're not using them. And what about the health of the bears? However, research from scientists found that at the beginning of , unprecedented warming was recorded and the Arctic ice has melted to the lowest levels in the recorded history. In this region, bears spend the winter months on the ice gorging their prey but, when the ice melts each year, they're forced onshore where they have insufficient food until the sea ice refreezes in the fall. How Serious is Global Warming? Scientists have collected evidence which shows that the golden toad was probably driven to extinction by climate change , because the forests became too dry for them to survive. Animals have been endangered and going extinct for over million years.

Geological Survey projects that two-thirds of Polar Bears will disappear by Turn off electric devices when you're not using them.

Defenders' Impact Defenders of Wildlife is fighting for polar bears by advocating for protection of vital habitat.

how to help polar bears

Traditional prey species may be less accessible in a new sea ice environment, and seals that use the ice are predicted to fare poorly in the warming Arctic region. One bear had moved miles away by that time.

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Polar Bears Are Starving Because of Global Warming, Melting Sea Ice, Study Shows