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What you now understand about writing and critical inquiry that this portfolio might not reveal.

Sample of a student portfolio

Artifacts link to items that are evidence of your work, knowledge, and skills. Some examples are portrait, landscape, close up, or waterfalls. Encourage self-reflection. It doesn't have to be your best work, although most of the time photographers want to include their best or favorite images. Artifact — a sample of work that is downloadable. Templates and workbooks provide structured prompts and spaces for students to add thoughts, responses, and evidence of learning. Try to get help from one or more people you trust. Of course it is easier and more convenient to create a digital portfolio. See a problem on this page? In its most basic form, a portfolio is simply a collection of work, usually accompanied by commentary that explains the purpose of the collection and the reason for including particular items. A portfolio is simply a body of work. The possibilities are endless. Create an Assignment as you would normally using the Assignment tool in Blackboard Assignments: How to add one. Believe it or not, some photographers still create paper portfolios. Refer them to office hours and training videos Start small and be prepared to revise your assignment over time.

You can create artifacts before or during the portfolio creation process. Decide what specific changes will improve our selected memoir and set up a schedule to allow yourself sufficient time to edit, proofread, and polish your selection for your portfolio.

Blackboard portfolio assignment

No late portfolios will be accepted. Of course it is easier and more convenient to create a digital portfolio. Rationale: Did the student adequately justify their selected artifacts as evidence of the targeted knowledge and skills? Reflective Portfolio A reflective portfolio is used to document personal responses to artifacts or experiences. What goes in the Portfolio? Give students the help they need to work in PebblePad effectively. Provide timely and meaningful feedback. Grading feedback, rubric results, and rubric feedback provided in the grading sidebar is separate from portfolio comments. Learn more about PebblePad Pedagogy. What is a portfolio?

Completeness: Did the student provide evidence of the knowledge and skills targeted in the portfolio assignment? What will your students be able to demonstrate or gain by creating this portfolio?

Will you give a single grade to the portfolio as a whole, or will you assess its components separately?

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This is how to create a portfolio: Structure of a Portfolio Portfolios are organized using Pages and Sections. Teaching Portfolio Teaching portfolios present a portrait of oneself as a teacher. These sketches will help you and your students make decisions about number and organization of pages in the portfolio.

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Learn how to build resources and create a workspace to assign them to students. Optional Discuss, document, and evaluate the extent to which you were actively engaged in this class i.

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Sample portfolio assignment