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Meanwhile we were becoming very hungry. Then I really was lost. I think of meadowsweetand honeysuckle and vetch and foxgloves and red campion and dog roses.

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Irecognise some of them from Sunday school. He just stood andwatched us from outside the school gate. Thereis blood coming from his nose, dropping on the leaves.

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Allthat love talk. I did prefer listen to the moon.

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I open my eyes and see a dead crow hanging from the fence, his beak open. Molly told us once that she wanted to die rightthere and then, that she never wanted tomorrow to come because no tomorrow couldever be as good as today. In a way our lives at home always revolved around Big Joe. It has certainly made me feel that what they did and how the soilders were being treating during the first world war. But Big Joe could never understand why he was being smacked, sohe went on feeding the mice just as he had before. I could hear from his breathing that he was stillawake. Joe sang Oranges and Lemons and we said Amen afterwards. The cows in the water meadowscattered.

Disease, rats, stench. I wish I could be athome like him.

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Best of all, fromacross the school yard Molly sees I can do it, and smiles at me. Then thatlink was cruelly broken, and what followed broke my heart, broke all our hearts. We had to be careful, because Grandma Wolf, now more full of herself than ever, wouldfrequently come out into the stable yard to make sure we were doing our work properly.

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Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo