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Both Chappie and Bone experience dramatically different lifestyles. Let's see if we can help you! At this point in the story Chappie sees himself as a criminal, but he sees it as temporary as opposed to his roommates who will be a part of this lifestyle for the rest of their lives. To him, this involves a careful appreciation of what is the right thing to do, and what is necessary to survive in life. As he lives with Russ, Chappie depends entirely on him for advice and guidance on how to live. What Bone then comes to understand is that he is both a sinner and a criminal. This divide is displayed throughout the novel. Regardless of what you do, you have to be able to do it on your own, without being tied down to anyone else or having to rely on someone for support. He lives off of the surrounding waste, taking seeds and other resources from the surrounding dilapidating environment. Banks uses the relationship between Bone and I-Man to show how Bone develops from being dependent on friends to being an independent person.

Bones are important medico-legally in various aspects. Each player is dealt three cards that are face down. He lacks the clarity and direction that I-Man possesses, which is what causes him to constantly turn to others for help.

He has learnt to live independently. Many a times, the bones are fragmented, burnt, mixed with wood, or decolorized to such extents that a direct examination of the bone without establishing the following facts would result in wrong interpretation.

The development of Bone is most evident right here. Therefore Banks starts the book with the reader feeling sorry for Chappie, but at the same time angry at him for just abandoning his troubles and taking the wrong way out.

This can be an immense advantage when competing in sports such as wrestling, weightlifting. In addition longer bones allow men to grow taller and have greater leverage. For example, at Tell Asawir bones were packed in pottery jars; at Azor there is some evidence of cremation; and at Jericho the skulls were separated and arranged in rows Mazar I-Man devotes himself to spirituality and reflection.

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A large portion of the book goes into extensive detail on the uncovering of the grave and authentication of bones belonging to the Romanovs. He recognizes that he does not have to continue depending on Russ.

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