Soldering projects

I'll admit that there may not be much of a practical application for this project, aside from perhaps using it as an emergency light.

I encourage everybody to learn what you can as it will mean you can take on bigger and better projects in the future.

intermediate soldering projects

You can look at the code and begin to understand how it works. Rather than replace them, I decided to repair my headphones. That will help hold the component in place and closer to the board. You know it would be cool to have these around the house. Ok, its actual function may not be quite as awesome as the project title sounds, but it's still a pretty cool idea!

Just thought I'd throw this one in here for a bit fun. Here's how.

beginner jewelry soldering projects

That heats the lead and the pad on the board. I am not really sure if there is any benefit in being able to disguise a flashlight as a chapstickbut I'm sure you'll find one! The guide includes a program which allows you to easily set the trigger to open a program on your computer.

Chapstick LED Flashlight There seems to be so many everyday items that have the perfect dimensions for an electronics project! Gone are the days of paying ridiculous amounts of money to charge many of your USB devices on the go!

It will melt and flow up and around the tip, giving it a nice smooth and shiny finish.

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Soldering Projects