The breaking force of hair lab essay

The darker the hair the higher concentrations of melanin present along the hair cortex. The graph follows the basic trend until it gets to 55g point.

Strength of human hair

The order of tensile stress experienced by hair from my results before breaking is as follows: Brown, Ginger, Black, and then Blonde. Graph 14 shows a modified version of this. The hairs showing higher tensile stress may just be showing how sticky the selotape is and how strongly it is holding the hair structure together. These modifications in Graphs 11, 12, 13 and 14 show what the stress strain graphs should look like. Hypothesis There will be a difference in tensile strength between brown, blond, ginger and black hairs of similar thickness. The E part of the formula relates the size of the difference to the magnitude of the numbers involved. This limitation could cause my conclusion to be invalid, causing the hairs strength and point on breaking higher or lower than it actually is.

Brown hair experienced the highest strain before breaking and blonde hair experienced the lowest strain before breaking. By taking all the observed values of stress from tables 57, 58, 59 and 60, I can work out the expected value for each hair colour.

The breaking force of hair lab essay

It is an error in measuring. There are other ways in which hair tensile strength could have been measured. Black hair should also have a high tensile strength. The graph follows the basic trend and most results fit the line of best fit.

Tensile strength of hair

The amount of melanin and its distribution determine how dark or light the hair colour will be. This was the same for blonde hair. Blonde hair breaks the earliest and brown hair breaks the latest. They are now designed to change hair strengths. In short, natural hair colour depends upon the presence, amount and distribution of melanin, a natural pigment found in the cortex. It reads much clearer. Blonde hair lighter coloured hairs has more sulphur-sulphur covalent bonds than black hair dark coloured hairs.

Graph 3 shows blonde hair. When the next weight was added extra extension was added onto the new extension.

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Breaking Force of Hair Lab