The nature of hamlet s ghost essay

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When the audience questions the Ghost, the play takes on a more dramatic and personal feel because the audience is not omniscient and thus is unwittingly more involved in the doubt and emotion within the play. Hamlet reveals the effects of the ghost of his father, the former king, who has returned to command Hamlet to avenge his death by killing his uncle, the current king.

Are its intents wicked or charitable? Hamlet vows to avenge his fathers death at the hands of Claudius; however, he procrastinates throughout the play and does not seek revenge until the end, when Hamlet finally acts by his instincts, and kills his fathers murderer Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder".

Through him they have gone to their death.

is the ghost a figment of hamlets imagination

This poses one of the most controversial questions in the play; is this ghost good or evil? Throughout the Elizabethan Era no one in that time period knew how much of an influence they would have on all of the world.

the role of the ghost in hamlet essay
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