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So that makes Edward the king.

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They all live happily ever after. The local parish priest is very encouraging to him, and teaches him to read and write. The ending explains that though Edward died at the age of 15, he reigned mercifully due to his experiences, while Tom lived to be an old man. The guard, believing that the prince is the pauper, immediately puts him out of the gates, and thus the stage is set for Edward Tudor to experience the life of a commoner and for Tom Canty to live the life of a real-life prince. Late that night, the Cantys are awakened by someone who has come to tell them that the man whom John Canty struck with his cudgel, while bringing his "son" home, has died. To appease the crowd, Miles and the prince must go before the magistrate. He begins to realize that there is extreme class inequality in England, especially when it comes to the judicial system. Because he does not seem to know what is what, everyone believes him to have some kind of illness that causes loss of memory. While Tom dines with the nobility and watches the pageantry of the dinner, the real prince stands outside the Guildhall, trying to get in, asserting that he is the true Prince of Wales. Instead of having him whipped, however, he uses the kid as a way to get information about everything that's going on in the court. Simultaneously, the prince notices Tom when he sees a soldier roughly pulling the young boy away from the fence; the prince rebukes the soldier and invites Tom into the palace. On Coronation Day, he rides in a grand procession through London. The prince, in the meantime, is lured into an old country barn by John Canty and Hugo, his accomplice. Tom inquires and finds out that their own house was swept away by the same storm.

Chased back into London, Edward wanders around, not knowing where to go until he is finally collared by John Canty, Tom's father, and dragged off to Offal Court. As a reward for his help and kindness, Hendon is granted the right to sit in the presence of the king and is made a knight.

In Hendon's rooms, the prince acts out his accustomed role and expects Hendon to serve him; Hendon does so, without a protest. When he runs into the woods, he comes across a hermit.

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Edward makes the mistake of leaving the palace while wearing the rags of Tom. Now it's time for another nap, and while Edward sleeps, Miles heads out on an errand. This is seen as somewhat of a threat to the Prince's safety by his guards, who want to whisk him off and beat him for his insolence, but Edward speaks up for Tom and asks him to accompany him into the palace chamber.

After Henry VIII dies, the palace prepares, amid great pomp and circumstance, for the coronation of Tom as the next king. He has an abusive father and grandmother, a kind mother and sisters, and a pretty sad life.

One boy, Tom Canty, is poor.

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He enjoys visits from Humphrey. They repeatedly ask him about the missing Great Seal of Englandbut he knows nothing about it.

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