The pros and cons of boarding schools

boarding school syndrome

They also become better decision-makers independently. Children benefit from additional non-classroom contact with teachers in the evening, as well as supervised homework, music practice time and other extra-curricular activities.

But this point can also be seen as a positive point for the teachers teaching at boarding schools as they offer higher salaries to them.

advantages and disadvantages of boarding schools in india

This is a big emotional disadvantage to the parents as well because they missed the golden opportunity of watching their kids growing up in front of them. Boarding schools don't have the kind of social stratification which seems to occur in public schools.

Students are kept occupied in the evening.

The pros and cons of boarding schools

Bullying in all its forms is very rare. If this is not your case and the cost is not a problem for you, there are other disadvantages that you should keep in mind at all times.

Disadvantages of boarding school for students

If your child is accepted to a school, but you cannot afford to send her, you should complete and submit the Parents Financial Statement, which is a third party service of the National Association of Independent Schools. These figures only include tuition, room and board. Academic and Personal Difficulties While boarding schools can serve as a major character builder, they aren't for everyone. Advantages Boarding schools often create stronger friendships and alumni networks which last for a lifetime. Most boarding school faculty also function as dorm parents as they live in apartments in the dormitories with the students. During the term time you will not be seeing your child as much as you would if they lived at home with you, and this will affect your relationship with your child, and potentially your other children too. The enclosed learning environment provides a special setting that promotes solidarity in common experiences, friendship among peers, mutual trust, honesty and collaboration between children and adults. Pros: Strong Social Interactions According to the Association of Boarding Schools, attending school in a residential environment allows students to learn the value of teamwork, discipline and a sufficient sense of self. This was the set schedule for George, and if I'm being honest, having this pre-determined schedule did help me become organized, especially for study hall. Pro: Freedom! Furthermore, your child's teachers coach most of the sports and extracurricular activities in her boarding school. As mentioned in the previous answer, boarding schools strive to educate the whole child. This is a big emotional disadvantage to the parents as well because they missed the golden opportunity of watching their kids growing up in front of them. Children go home during the summer holidays, between grades, and some schools even allow children to go home on the weekends.

I would tend to agree.

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8 Pros And Cons Of Going To A Boarding School