The strategic hrm debate and the

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Conner, K. London: MacMillan. Google Scholar Ouchi, W. It helps to place emphasis not only on implementing predetermined competitivescenariosbut on building strategic capability, on improving the long-term resilience of the firm. Google Scholar Harel, G. This article is located within this second strand of discourse: HRh4 is defined as including all styles of labour management, including the high commitment variant. Barney J. Google Scholar Fruin, W. This debate has now penetrated the strategic HRM discourse where the key change is the emergence of attempts to create a resource-based model of strategic HRM. Google Scholar Bratton, J.

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strategic human resource management

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Human resource based theory

Google Scholar Argyris, C. Google Scholar Hedberg, B. Google Scholar Ding, D. Cross-Cultural Research Methods. Capital, labour and control', Work, Employment and Society, Vol. Human process advantage, on the other hand, may be understood as a function of causally ambiguous, socially complex, historically evolved processes such as learning, co-operation and innovation Grant, ; Amit and Shoemaker, ; Lado and Wilson, ; Baden-Fuller, which are thus very difficult to imitate. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. New York: Oxford Press, pp. Boxall, P. Not only those firms with astute leadership at the top but those that can combine this strength with deep employee involvement in strategic decision-making appear to be more effective. Long eds. One might suggest that while knowledge of HR policies and practices is indeed widespread, the knowledge of how to combine, implement and refine them within a particular context may not be. The resource-based perspective opens up an array of research opportunities: identifying and analysing sources of human resource advantage within the context of firms, industries and nations will be a complex, challenging task. Reed, and P. In these and other ways, human capital may be squandered.

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human resource based theory

Such interpretations are well wide of the mark. Fearon eds.

human resources and the resource based view of the firm

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The Strategic HRM Debate and the Resource