The use of naturalism to expose the realities of society in a dolls house a play by henrik ibsen

Here, then in Nora Helmer, the poet starts with the figure of a woman in whom the results of the dominant will of man, stultifying the powers and gifts of womanhood, are seen in their extreme development.

After Calling Nora 'a lark', Torvald, in contrast, calls her "Is that my squirrel rustling? Refer to act one, and the language of the characters. He is known to be the father of realism and has been a pioneer in the transformation and revolution of the modern drama. She behaves playfully yet obediently in his presence, always coaxing favors from him instead of communicating as equals. Linde: And since then have you never told your secret to your husband? And only as such can they do it. The dance is over. Nora explains to Mrs. New York: Thomas Crowell Company, Writing about women allowed him to make a universal call, not only to women, but to every sensible being. However, Nora trusts in Torvald to be loyal to her and, in the end, he betrays that trust when he rejects her pleas for understanding.

It is the culmination of Nora's doll life. As late nineteenth century playwrights point out the flaws of mankind they also provide an answer to the controversy.

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It seems that Ibsen stuck to the myth about the family as a place for emotional intimacy and commitment. Nora contemplates suicide as a means to eliminate the dishonor she has wrought upon her family.

Nora: And I?

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You shall not take it upon yourself. Accordingly, he is not the unfeeling blackmailer he is presented as in the first act.

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