Time capsule writing activity for kindergarten

Time capsule ideas

I put a box in the copy room at my school with a sign for teachers to empty the hole punches from the copy machine in the box. You may choose t Make sure everything fits in the box. These are so much fun to do with students of all ages! Write about transportation and money. A bike ramp? Take a picture of your house, your car, your pets. Leave a comment to share your time capsule adventure! At the end of the dedication ceremony, seal all of the envelopes. Favorite poem do you have an extra copy from Poem in Your Pocket Day? Favorite book.

Have you any ideas for items to include in time capsules? Perhaps in a plastic tub in the attic, or in a corner of your closet.

After working in the counseling field with several young children, I saw this evidenced about every day. Discover her blog, Farm Girl Inspirations at www. What vocabulary words have your children learned lately?

Capsule poem for kindergarten

Good old connect-the-dots gets revamped when you write a handful of repeating Feeling stuck? This is where your kids can write a letter to their future selves. What have Mom and Dad been doing around the house, yard, or garage lately? Comment below. An original song for your instrument? Business cards from local restaurants, stores, dentists, doctors, etc. A tower made of Legos? Ticket stubs from an amusement park, movie, concert, or play Cover of a current magazine showing political, social, sports, or health news OR entertainment, fashion, or decorating trends Write Your Time Capsule Letter A time capsule letter should highlight the habits and language of everyday life.

Looking for letter G activities for preschoolers? Fill the time capsule with special memorabilia from this time in your child's life.

kindergarten time capsule

Make the dedication ceremony memorable to your kids by showing interest with engaging questions. Start by writing a word on the board that contains four letters.

Kindergarten time capsule letter from parents

This Time Capsule activity is so much fun to do at the beginning of the … time capsule writing activity for preschool Rating: 5. Comment below. Have you any ideas for items to include in time capsules? Thank you for your input. Use the colored duct tape to help your kids tape the lids onto their boxes so nothing can get into or out of the time capsule. Messy, childish writing is part of that. Fill out worksheets that describe what life is like now in the world, and an about me page for the kindergartner.
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