What is restroom advertising

Those who want to advertise effectively should learn from them. What an incredible marketing concept! Advertising in bars or clubs will give you more leniency with your message and content than a family restaurant or community center would.

O'Keefe of the potty-trained demographic of restaurant and bar goers the ads her company posts above men's urinals and in women's toilet stalls reach.

ADvantage Indoor can offer guidance in developing and starting a successful new indoor business opportunity.

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Restroom advertising provides one of the most receptive and powerful opportunities because the ad message is delivered to the target audience when they are alone, have time to engage and read the restroom advertisement and they frankly want something to read.

Ethnic Demographic Groups If you are interested reaching a specific ethnic group let us know your preference.

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In effect the business becomes its own social media network. Indoor advertising is a vehicle that can be targeted right down to the pinhead. And not for profit entities that have great results with indoor ads include local health departments, transportation agencies and related offices. They are an interactive multi-market promotional product that allows clients to collaborate and cross-promote preferred vendors, services, and special offers. Business Opportunity Indoor Advertising Business Opportunities If all of this sounds intriguing and you are interested in starting a Indoor advertising business let us help. I agree that this could be the best way to reach out people and to target more audience. Glad to know this one. Hunt of out-of-home advertising's growing popularity. After all, everybody needs to go to the bathroom.

There are many benefits to restroom advertising, and the knowledgeable staff at EverywhereUGO wants to dispel some of the common myths that you may have heard and provide a better understanding of this unique and cost effective advertising.

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Restroom Advertising Myths