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She used to long to spiritually drink of the graces that flowed freely from His side as a child suckled milk from its mother and she used this imagery as a wellspring to nourish and increase her devotion to him.

The results of this conclave were known in Florence by the next Wednesday, 14 April, Wednesday of Holy Week, when the gospel from Luke was read that could have furnished the Passover theme for the letter.

Jesus himself put a ring adorned with rubies on his finger, visible only to her eyes.

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By the age of seven she had taken a vow of chastity refusing to ever marry. They are a gift from her to us from across the centuries — filled with spiritual and practical advice — from her troubled times to ours.

At one time, her parents tried to persuade her to marry, but Catherine was steadfast and at age 15, she cut off her hair to thwart their designs.

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When Catherine reached the age of twelve, her parents tried to give her a husband. Yet doing so diminishes the saint unfairly.

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Catherine was not satisfied living a contemplative life; she wanted to help the poor and sick. Gardner Saint Catherine of Siena, p. This activity lasted for months, especially in times of epidemics, which were very frequent and deadly; his example began to be imitated by other sisters of her fraternity. We are called to bring hope to those among us whom society considers as spiritual lepers — not only by way of our words but in our deeds as well. Catherine was especially active at the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, where there were also sick people who no one attended, or because they had no relatives, or because they were afflicted with contagious diseases. In the communication he enumerated their offenses in such terms that the Florentines called it "too atrocious to be addressed even to schismatics and infidels. In the Roman Catholic Church declared her a doctor of the church, an honor bestowed on only 31 others and only one other woman. Everything else is from supreme eternal Truth: give him the credit, not me. You can visit the prayer group after reading and pondering the following interesting pages.

It became clear to her that the return of Pope Gregory XI to Rome from Avignon —an idea that she did not initiate and had not strongly encouraged—was the only way to bring peace to Italy.

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St. Catherine of Siena