Write a note on the social reform movements in nineteenth-century india

He celebrated the success of the revolution in Spain in by hosting a public dinner. It also took up the problem of access to education for women. However, he won the hearts of all who gathered around him by his simplicity of character and homely wisdom.

indias achievements and reforms in the field of social work

The cultural-ideological struggle, represented by the socio-religious movements was an integral part of the evolving national consciousness. They are also performing Yajana and reading the scriptures. Thus, the press acted as a vehicle for disseminating ideas of social transformation.

The Samaj established a number of educational institutions in India particularly in the North. Leadership, 2 4. As soon as British entered India, there has been a history of social changes and social reforms in India.

They, thus, paved the way for the growth of nationalism. Gurukuls were also established to propagate traditional ideals of education. It also dealt with the evils of early marriages, polygamy, and prohibition of divorce. He was a great humanist and had deep sympathy for the poor and the oppressed.

He believed that the Muslims would be affected if they started taking part in political agitation. One of the major factors contributing to the increase in number of child widows was the fact that many wealthy men of high castes used to have many wives which they would leave behind as widows upon their death; this is why Vidyasagar struggled against the polygamy.

Social reform movement examples

Bhandarkar and Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade. Social relevance was judged by a rationalist critique. As soon as British entered India, there has been a history of social changes and social reforms in India. In order to set an example for others, he married a widow after the death of his first wife. It led to the understanding of many common problems of the Indians. Under the companionship of Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Gandhi took a long journey to the various parts of nation to observe it closely. It led to the progress of literature in different regional languages, 6.
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Social Reform Movement in India and Role of Women