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plot powerpoint 6th grade

Divide students into groups of three each. In a climactic moment, Harry and his friends defeat an evil troll released by Professor Snape. Climax The climax usually comes about three-quarters of the way through the text and occurs when the conflict reaches its height.

While this may seem elementary, fairy tales are frequently used at the secondary level to help students more easily see plot structure. At this point, we've watched the main character confront the action or conflict, and now something major has to come to a head.

Record each of the elements using the Plot Diaram Interactive Tool. Examples of Climax in Famous Literary Plots 1.

Elements of a story

The deaths of Romeo who kills himself because he thinks Juliet is dead and Juliet who kills herself when she awakes and sees Romeo dead. Resolution The resolution marks the end of the story. Circulate among students providing support as they work. Climax Examples Climax Climax is the term used to refer to the part of story or play where the tension or action reaches its highest part. We'll see how you can formulate your own plot points and enjoy some examples from literary giants. In her Harry Potter series, we meet Harry and, soon thereafter, two characters who go on to become his closest friends. Fiona and her new motherly acquaintance might have settled into a steady rhythm of Sunday dinners by now. Resolution In any story, it's important to conclude with a solid resolution, sometimes called the denouement. Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare 2. Beauty and the Beast, Disney 5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J. Although resolution is achieved when Harry secures the Stone, the series is able to continue on with six more books.

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Climax Examples