Writing activities for middle school printable math

Source: Minds in Bloom After a set amount of time, have students stop, remove their papers from their backs and enjoy reading the words of love from their classmates and you too!

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Powered by ConvertKit More Math Prompts — Reflection Spinner In addition the journal prompts, you could also use generic prompts for the students to select from after solving a math task or math word problem.

Now check your email to grab your freebie! This strategy has two purposes — it gets them writing and it gives yo a glimpse into their thinking.

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Plan a summer trip. Create science-inspired art. In addition to using generic sentence stems, I also use math tasks that have specific stems for the particular task.

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I use my multi-part word problems that are differentiated with a level that includes sentence stems. Break it down by month, then ask kids what they remember. Remind the students that when they have solved the problem that they are to prove their answer is correct or explain how they got it. I knew I needed to come up with something and fast. Instead of giving equations or multiple choice word problems as practice all the time, try giving constructed response tasks. They are also helpful in providing models for how to turn questions into sentences. Source: Mrs. Have kids draw a portrait of themselves, then use the template at the link below to cut out and decorate an enormous pair of sunglasses. Did you study plants? General Math Prompts In addition to the skill-specific prompts, I like to also have my students write about math in general, math processes, and how they think about math.

Take a day or a week to pass on important things you want your kids to know as they move on in life without you. In groups, have the students solve, explain, and justify their answers on a recording sheet or piece of paper.

Writing activities for middle school printable math

To read more about this strategy, grab a poster, and some free word problems, click here. My students were not used to this. Simply print the page, write in the math concept or idea, and make your copies. As a class, write the answer, explain the math that was used and why, and justify that the answer is correct. Continue writing round-robin style until you have several stories to read aloud to the class. Which of these strategies or ideas do you use already to get your students writing in math? When I was in school, I barely remember writing more than a sentence in math class. Take a break and let the students lead the class for a change. They require the students to answer the question and explain their answer. Students get a chance to practice public speaking in a very meaningful way in this end-of-year activity. Send thank you notes. This structure has made all the difference with their writing in math. After everyone has spoken, lift your glasses with a cheer and celebrate to end the school year. Source: Mrs.
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10 Ways to Get Students Writing in Math